Scary shit

this is a page for all the scary shit i find on the web
here are some creepy as shit youtube links: -jacob's ladder -F.A.C.E. -her face is changing -haunted hospital -Harvey -Kunstbar -eraserhead, in heaven everything is fine -the Factory, by AI seed -Max Headroom Pirating Incident -the Wyoming Incident -the worstest fake ever shitted out of youtube -The Peanut Vendor -No Through Road -Dining Room or There is Nothing -there are monsters -that hand ceiling thingy, full vid -Creepy Grudge Ghost Girl in the Mirror -YOU WILL NEVER FIND ME -Maszek, private sector -Mirrors, bathroom scene -L'Inferno(1911) Satan eating human -The Gable Film -Malice in Wonderland -TRAPPED IN AN ELEVATOR FOR 41 HOURS -agamemnon counterpart -the whole world & you -SCARY AS HELL(A CLOSER LOOK) -Rubber Johnny -aphex twin, come to daddy -aphex twin, Donkey Rhubarb -aphex twin, Xtal -the quay brothers -Rape scene from silent hill 2 -half life 2 zombie sounds backwards -none -Quality Meats -Still Life, short movie -Persephone Numbers Station -Bedfellows -Strange phenomenon in sky.(eyes) -alien/tuyul/jin thingy -karlmayer -pikipiko, cooking -Disturbing 911 call -Rat Brain Robot -first recorded sound -The bloop -hell sounds from siberia -Satan's sphinx -chrozx.avi

And here's some creepy wiki articles:

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